Francis van de Logt

Don’t Delay – Start Today

Day one: 

Session one: Resilience training. (2 hours)

Resilience training is an aspect of self-care and personal growth. Our coaching teaches you how to prevent burnout. It enables you to build a good and healthy daily routine with high energy for your entire organization.

Session two: In touch with your people (2 hours).

Listening to all your stakeholders is the most essential skill of a leader.

Develop Intuitive Intelligence – a superior way of listening.

Day two:   

Session one: Create a Compelling Vision (2 hours).

Create a bright future for your organization and achieve shared goals. Do something so valuable that people will remember your contribution after twenty years.

Session two: Enlightened Leadership (2 hours).

More light, more sight. Discover natural leadership.

Receive the know-how to make your legacy last.

“Franciscus has incorporated this profound and powerful leadership approach into the Enlightened Leadership Academy.

You will enjoy working with him.”

— Will Linssen
CEO at Global Coach Group

“While working with Franciscus in a business environment, I noticed that with his high empathy and calmness, people feel at ease when talking to him. That helps him to identify personal blockers and provide insights and tools to overcome these.”

— Willem de Bruyn
Manager Shell Europe

“William and Francis have a broad approach to personal and business coaching like no other coaching I’ve ever had.

— Ilona S.
Digital Content Creator

Your Coaches:

Francis van de Logt  

Francis helps you to become a lion leader.

Dare the daredevil in yourself. The complex demands on CEOs and leadership teams demand tools of power.

We have developed a package of knowledge to leave a legacy you can be proud of.

Francis loves serving your personal growth and has a record of teaching almost 1,000 leaders higher leadership skills.

For about ten years, he worked in the credit management department of a global corporation. He was also leading the resilience department.  

William Burgmans  

From an interest in the spiritual value of life, he started meditation early in life. From an interest in human potential, he started the study of psychology. He received a master’s degree (drs.) in educational psychology and studied related knowledge of Himalayan yogis.   

He has been one of the founders of an NGO retreat center in the Netherlands and helped to establish related centers in Bali, Indonesia, and Poland.  

Dr. Wil Burgmans is a teacher, retreat coordinator, and managing director. He has been an independent coach to find light in life. 

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