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Francis van de Logt

Francis is an inspired person, specialized in uplifting others.

His motivation to develop leaders comes from the growth he observed with his clients and students.

Francis has a rich experience in corporate management (Shell) and coached more then 1000 people.

His motto: "Growth is happiness and never ends"

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William Burgmans

William recognizes the value of the inner growth of people to contribute to and serve the society. He is enthusiastic and inspired to support leaders as well as teams.
"Consciousness is the essence of good life and leadership"

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What do I get from the 8-9 Masterclass May

Day one: 1:00 - 5:00 PM CEST

Session one: Resilience training. (2 hours)

Resilience training is an aspect of self-care and personal growth. Build a good and healthy daily routine and create high energy for your entire organization.

Session two: Developing Leadership Behavior people (2 hours).

Choose one or two aspects that benefit yourself and your people.

Day two:   1:00 - 5:00 PM CEST

Session one: Create a Compelling Vision (2 hours).

Create a bright future so valuable that people will remember your contribution after twenty years.

Session two: Enlightened Leadership (2 hours).

More light, more sight. Discover the most human and natural leadership.


“Francis and his team help individual leaders and their teams lead with light, develop a vision, and take valuable advice from their stakeholders to develop higher leadership qualities.
Francis has incorporated this profound and powerful leadership approach into the Enlightened Leadership Academy.

You will truly enjoy working with him.

Will Linssen – CEO at Global Coach Group

“William and Francis have a broad approach to personal and business coaching like no other coaching I’ve ever had.

Their multi-layered experience and skills complement each other creating a diverse, peaceful, supportive environment for building a creative vision with clear goals and persistent, realistic execution.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.”

Ilona S – Digital Content Creator

"Franciscus coached me during the Marshall Goldsmith certification program. I was put at ease with his calm demeanour. He listens well and allows you to pour out your issues. Then Francis is able to wisely help you through. I highly recommend him as a strong Executive Coach."

Sharad Lal - Top 5% podcaster -Serial entrepeneur