Enlightened Leadership Masterclass

Day one: 

Session one: Resilience training. (2 hours)

Resilience training is an aspect of self-care and personal growth. Our coaching teaches you how to prevent burnout. It enables you to build a good and healthy daily routine with high energy for your entire organization.

Session two: In touch with your people (2 hours).

Listening to all your stakeholders is the most essential skill of a leader.

Develop Intuitive Intelligence – a superior way of listening.

Day two:   

Session one: Create a Compelling Vision (2 hours).

Create a bright future for your organization and achieve shared goals. Do something so valuable that people will remember your contribution after twenty years.

Session two: Enlightened Leadership (2 hours).

More light, more sight. Discover natural leadership.

Receive the know-how to make your legacy last.

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