Francis van de Logt

Interviews with Francis

David Burkus’s latest book: Best Team Ever: The Surprising Science of High-Performing Teams. David’s website

Nori Jabba about her new book: Keeping Your Seat at the Table

Alex Brueckmann has brilliant thoughts about strategy. Listen to the interview we had with him about his just-published book: Alexis’s website

Karl Hebenstreit has great knowledge about an ancient system to overcome barriers to communication. Listen to our talk. Karl’s site

Managers, when they do well, grow into higher management. It is better to learn the job well as responsibility grows and your influence in the company becomes bigger. Join our discussion with Brian Watkins about valuable tips and hints for managers. Brians’s website

Paul is his time ahead and is fair in talking about the need for change in today’s leadership. Prepare yourself for an exciting talk about what works and does not work in today’s leadership. Paul’s website

William Burgmans manager of a retreat center in Holland went to the source of the Ganges in the Himalayas. Listen to his inspiring story.

Will Linssen is the world’s # 1 leadership coach (Global Gurus) and CEO of the Global Coach Group. He developed a fantastic 360-degree assessment. In this event, he will talk about how his 360 degrees assessment can help to find growth areas for a leader.

Dennis Akkerman, founder of uses meditation as a practical leadership skill. Listen to this interesting conversation.

The knowledge, offered by the Enlightened Leadership Academy, is designed for emerging and established leaders. 

We invite world-class coaches with unique views to improve the quality of leadership and life on our planet.

The knowledge, offered on the online Academy, is free and open-sourced. If you like to go deeper with one of the coaches, you can find their contact details on their respective websites. 

The origin of this initiative comes from William Burgmans and Francis van de Logt inspired by the teachings of a Himalayan yogin.